Testing Negative for Weed

When Testing Direct Urine Into the Cup Mid-Stream 
When going in for a urine test start peeing into the toilet for a little bit, and then switch over to the cup. When you first begin urinating the urine has more metabolites than when you are finishing, so by not going in the container immediately, you will have fewer metabolites in your sample. The less you have, the better chance you have of getting a negative result. Just remember to switch over to the cup soon enough so you can give a big enough sample but the longer you can wait to do so the better. 

Take Vitamin B-2 or B-12 

If you are a drug user who has to take a drug test, you will likely want to flush your system by drinking a lot of water or taking diuretics. While these help a lot, they also make your urine very clear which is a dead giveaway to the people testing the sample that you took drugs and were trying to rid your body of any evidence of them. Taking a B-2 or B-12 supplement regularly in the days leading up to the test will return the yellow color, which will give the testers no reason to be suspicious. Don’t be scared if your pee takes on an abnormally bright yellow color; this is normal when taking these.
Eat Healthily 

The nutrients and minerals will help your body be able to keep up with all the exercise you may want to do. Eating healthy is also supposed to help improve mood which is something you may want while preparing for a drug test. This is because people detoxing from a drug they enjoy using may be more irritable, so having a mood boost from healthy habits can help not only the person working to pass the test but the people who have to be around them. 

Try a Product that Promises Clean Urine 

Many products online promise that if you take them within a specified period before a test that you will come up clean. Now while you shouldn’t rely on this method by itself as these products have not been confirmed to work, however, if you want to be sure you pass adding one other thing couldn’t do any harm. If you decide to try this look for a product that has good ratings from a reputable source and doesn’t have too high of a price tag because you don’t want to be out too much money if it doesn’t have any effect on your test results. 

Last Resort Methods 

These methods are quite a high risk and can involve large penalties to any person who is caught trying to do them. These are usually only done in the last ditch attempt by someone who has no hope of passing the test otherwise. They should not be used by people who have had time to prepare for a test as the risk is substantial. If caught penalties can include immediate termination from your place of employment or being denied a position you are qualified for. 


This is a method that you may hear about quite often but not think that anyone does. Substitution is when giving a urine sample you give a sample of someone else’s urine, usually that of a young child. This is done by bringing in a condom or small bottle filled with whoever’s urine you are substituting in for your urine.

The problems with this method are that you have to manage to keep it as warm as it would be naturally, and not get caught. Some underwear has secret pockets to carry it in but it doesn’t keep it warm enough. Many women try to store it in their vagina to keep it warm and concealed, and men do the same with their anus. In some more extreme cases the test will be administered with another person in the room, so if they catch you with urine you plan to use as a substitute you can get in a lot of trouble. 

We have found that the ideal solution is to find the best synthetic urine kit available online. Most of these are extremely reliable and priced in a very cheap manner.

Spiking the Test 

Spiking is when someone puts a substance into the sample that makes the test unable to be read. This can be done with many household substances such as bleach and salt. This is done in hopes that the problems in reading the test will give you enough time to detox before a retest.

The problem with this is that any substance that a sample can be spiked with is easy to find if those testing the sample want to look for it. This means if they have any suspicion that you tried to cheat the test they can test your sample and find out exactly what you put in it. The only way you can succeed with this method is if by chance your sample gets sent to a lab that is lazy and just throws the test out instead of looking for the cause of the problem. 

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