The Regenerate Napkin Sketch

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Plain Green 10 was a kick. Now we’re sifting through all the bytes of information needing organization and wrap-up, and the headless snowman napkin sketch I woefully described during the “good morning welcome” has emerged. Had we been able to bring this simple diagram up on the screen, it would have illustrated our intent and mission for the day.

It was a quick illustration by Brian Dunbar from the Opening Party the night before. Brian was explaining three very different places in the way we design our world.

Degenerate. The bottom of the illustration is where most of us reside, and usually design if that is our profession, and if we’re being honest.

Sustain. The middle is really a misnomer, but worthy target.

Regenerate. At the top is what the future holds for those who truly dream, stretch and look long into the future when designing and making our world.

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